What is a Pie Chart

A pie graph is a circular statistical graph which is divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportions.  Normally a pie chart represents a whole or a total of 100% if all sectors were added.

See below a sample of a pie chart:

Pie Chart

Shown in the sample is a PIE CHART.  The graph is divided into 4; each division is what we call as SECTORS.

Since a graph represents a 100%, which means each sector has been equally divided into 25% each

In our everyday living, we can actually use pie charts to determine how much we spent, how much time did we consume for a certain activity, and how can we budget things up.

To give you an example, shown is a graph below together with its interpretation.

Shown in the left is the payday budget of a household.  These consist of:

Food Allowance – 25%

Transportation – 15%

Medicine – 10%

Tuition Fee & School Allowance – 25%

Utility Bills – 15%

Savings – 10%


Pie Chart

Using the illustration, if the household father has a salary of $400.00, let us compute for the allocation of each sector in the pie graph:

Food Allowance                                25% x $ 400.00 = $ 100.00

Transportation                                 15%  x $ 400.00 = $   60.00

Medicine                                            10%  x $ 400.00 = $   40.00

Tuition Fee & School Allowance   25%  x $ 400.00 = $ 100.00

Utility Bills                                        15%  x $ 400.00 = $   60.00

Savings                                               10% x $ 400.00 = $   40.00

TOTAL                                                                   $ 400.00

Pie Chart

Shown in the illustration is the distribution of ages in a School.  Ages are from 5 years old to 19 years old.  As seen in the chart, there is an equal distribution of ages in the school.  All 8 sectors has an equivalent of 12.50% age distribution.

If there are 2,000 students in the school.  How many students are there in each age sector?

To compute, that is 2,000.00 x 12.50% is equivalent to 250 students each.

Test your knowledge on Pie Charts

1. Using the below pie chart which is the most popular competition?


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