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What is Selective School Scholarship Exam

Selective School Scholarship Tests are held in March every year and are tests for entry to a selective high school in Year 7. These schools cater for high achieving students by providing an environment conducive for academically talented students

Year 6 Maths

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Introducing Selective School Exam

We at Selective School Exam prepare students in Year 6 who would like to appear  for entry to Year 7 Selective Schools in NSW

Selective School Exam

Who we are

We are a group of highly motivated & dynamic educationalists who specialize in providing focused education to young students and help them achieve their goals

What we do

What we do

At Selective School Exam we specialize in providing Quality education to Year 6 Students who wish to enhance there skills in Maths and are preparing for entrance exams to Selective Schools.

How we do it

We prepare the student by giving them the opportunity to trial similar questions in Maths to the questions in the actual exam. With a database of more than 2500 Questions and covering every topic you can be assured the student will get ample practice to improve there skills.

Why Join Us

Grade 6 Maths Exam Database

Proficiency by Skills

We have a large database of Multiple Choice Maths test papers especially created for Year 6 Students who would like to enhance there skills on a number of different topics

Year 6 Maths Reports

Student Reports

All time overview of performance shows the number of test attempted, skills practiced and how they distribute by test category. Full history of all test attempts with time spent, problems solved and results

Track performance for Year 6 Maths

Track performance

Identify your strengths and weakness and keep track of all your completed exams. Take tests as many times as you like and compare your performance over time in all categories

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Frequently asked Questions

What do I get with my Annual Subscription

You get access to all Test Papers in your package

Basic – All Test Papers for Year 6 Maths

Premium – All Test Papers for Year 6 Maths plus Test designed especially for Students preparing for Selective School Exams

Do you add Test Papers Regularly

Test Papers are added regularly for both the Basic as well as Premium Packages

What is your refund policy

You get a 15 Day no Questions asked refund policy, subject to a maximum of 25 Questions in Basic Package and 15 Questions in the Premium Package

What are the Topics covered

At the moment we are covering the following topics, Algebra, Additions, Subtractions, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Geometry, Mixed Operations, Consumer Maths, Place Value, Problem Solving, Patterns, Sequence, Percentage & Rations and Statistics

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